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Special articles

Occasionally over the years, PBRTV has been privileged to be asked to publish articles about Pittsburgh radio written by others. Find them here!

Porky Chedwick: Radio’s Most Ignored Pioneer

PORKY CHEDWICK: RADIO’S MOST IGNORED PIONEER By Ed Weigle (2001) “Any entertainer of my era who say they don’t know who Porky Chedwick is- they’re damn lyin’! That’s the cat that played the records. I know.” -Bo Diddley “Porky Chedwick?! Now you’re taking me back!” –Dick Clark “Porky Chedwick is a legend!” –Charlie Thomas, The Drifters I’ve finally had enough …

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Bob Mack, Mad Mike and Pittsburgh Oldies

Bob Mack, Mad Mike and Pittsburgh Oldies By Ed Salamon (2012) Bob Mack (McConnell) and “Mad Mike” Metrovich were two record collectors who took their passion for obscure rock and roll and rhythm and blues records to Pittsburgh radio in the sixties. Together, at their peak with Bob as entrepreneur and Mike as front man, …

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