The minister presiding at the funeral for a man killed in a police shooting called yesterday for a boycott of KDKA (1020) and KDKA-TV (2), according to the Post-Gazette.

Bishop Otis Carswell of Potter’s House Cathedral in Mt. Oliver said that talk-show host Fred Honsberger made remarks on KDKA radio that were “racist, insensitive propaganda” and said news coverage in general “painted a picture of the victim” as “a horrible young man.”

Justin J. Jackson, 19, was shot May 6 by Pittsburgh police after officers say he shot and killed a police dog. The case is being investigated by the Allegheny County district attorney’s office.

Jackson was African-American. His family and some community activists allege that he was unarmed, and that police planted a weapon on him.

But media reports indicate that Jackson had a criminal record both as a juvenile and as an adult, and police reports contend that the K-9 officer was being used to subdue Jackson after he refused to comply with police requests.

KDKA Program Director Marshall Adams told the newspaper he was not concerned by the threatened boycott.

“That sort of thing happens all the time when someone doesn’t like what they hear on a KDKA talk show,” Adams said.

Honsberger has invited Carswell to appear on his show. Writes Honsberger on the station’s website: “Fact: The kid had a gun … he fired at police … he killed a police dog. There’s ONE person to blame for Jackson’s death … Justin Jackson.”