Like “Bob FM” WRRK-FM (96.9), Mike Greisinger claims he really does “play anything,” but unlike Bob, he means it.

Greisinger, son of local disc jockey Gary “Gary G” Greisinger, is now hosting “Mike on the Mic” at 2 p.m. Fridays on McKeesport’s WEDO (810).

Greisinger tells Zandy Dudiak of the suburban Gateway Newspapers chain that a typical show might jump around from Christina Aguilera and Aerosmith to Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald.

“I want to try to play as much music as I can in the hour but make it as diverse as I can,” Greisinger says. “I was told by somebody that I play too much of a variety. But the way I see it is it’s my show and I’ll play what I want.”

(updated 12/4 to correct misspelling of “Aerosmith”)