MSA sports is in danger of not producing high school games this fall due to lack of funding. MSA has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $85,000 by 4:00 p.m. on September 3.  This is “all or nothing” funder said that $9729 raised by 61 backers as of this writing.

From the post:  “Management Science Associates has provided an overwhelming majority of the financial backing necessary to support the level of local high school and college coverage that MSA Sports provides. MSA is not, and has never, sought to profit off the coverage of these amateur sports. The sole goal is to break even on the operating costs associated with live streaming the number of events that are provided as part of the MSA Sports Network and its affiliate stations. We have several local and regional businesses that have been great sponsors in helping to achieve that goal.  Every single dollar that we receive from sponsors and donations goes directly to the operations of the sports network. That support still falls well short of the total ongoing investment required to operate the network.

The $85,000 goal will help MSA produce their highest demand broadcasts which are often their most expensive due to the increased resources necessary. It will include coverage of 58 football playoffs and championships, nearly 140 basketball playoffs and championships, 69 baseball playoffs and championships and 72 softball playoffs and championships.


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  1. MSA Sports is owned by Management Science Association which is a multi-national company. Why does the sports division need to beg for money? Your donation gets you nothing.

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