Over recent years, there have been several job losses due to either the economy or automation taking over what was once your job. I was informed back in mid June that my job as a Master Control Operator with WQLN Public Media would end by October 1st due to automation. Unfortunately, most people who were let go by media outlets in Erie or elsewhere did not have this luxury of knowing ahead of time like I did. In fact, I reported here that a few of my co workers were let go due to state budget cuts. They only learned that they would no longer be needed and shown the door the very same day. So, I cannot complain that I was suddenly out of a job without any advance notice so I would like to thank WQLN for keeping me until October. Well, October was a guess but the date for me was actually moved up to 9/11/09 since the automation system was installed much earlier than anticipated. Still, I cannot complain since I still had advance notice of my job being terminated. Most people did not have this luxury or a website to share his or her thoughts about losing their job. I feel that having an inside view of a job loss happening to me in the broadcasting field should be shared with the readers of PBRTV. By sharing my story, I would hope that other former broadcasters will also share their experiences about being terminated. The subject is not a pleasant one but is increasingly becoming the norm and needs to be addressed by those who were terminated and need a place to share their thoughts and vent if necessary. Please do not use any foul language in your posts because we will delete them before they get on the site. Thank you in advance PBRTV Nation.