When I look back at the 12 years I spent at WQLN, I first look back at the very talented people I had the honor and privilege to work with over that span. My first thought is that of someone who showed this radio guy the ropes of the TV side of WQLN, Dave McIntyre. He definitely was one of a kind and always did whatever he could for the engineers and master control operators under his watch. He was very patient with me even when it looked like I wouldn’t get the hang of all that was needed to be done regarding TV 54. Fortunately I did get the process as well as several great stories from Dave regarding his years at WQLN as well as his life in general. He could definitely write a book about the years he spent at WQLN. Fortunately, he was able to retire from WQLN in March 2007 after working there for several years. Paul Brown was another great story teller who also had a great set of pipes I could only dream of having. I knew the voice from the time I was very young in grade school and you’d hear that distinctive ID he would say going into “The Electric Company.” To actually meet Paul and run the board for him on a few of his “Probe” and jazz programs on the FM side was a blast. He was very down to earth and loved WQLN. He also loved talking with his listeners on a weekday half hour program he hosted called “Two Cents Worth.” It was a talk show that was about issues without the shouting you hear on a lot of talk stations today. That show aired on WQLN FM and later WMCE FM before he passed away far too young. A fellow radio guy who also was at WQLN was Paul Scarpino. He was a MCO like myself and was definitey a character with a great sense of humor. He too helped me with the ropes on the TV side and was one who wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind. It’s those people and several others I will thank in an upcoming article who made WQLN what it is today. It’s a tradition of quality we tried to share with our viewers and listeners that I will miss most once my time at the Q has run its course.