First of all, I would like to thank fellow blogger Joel Natalie over at Press and Tower for putting a link of this story on his website. Joel has done an incredible job with the Erie media site which recently celebrated its first anniversary. Secondly, Joel shared another link regarding thoughts from one of my co workers Jim Richwalsky. Jim has posted pictures of the old WQLN Master Control room which was designed by Dennis Spagnolo. He also has pics of the new Master Control which looks like something out of Star Trek. He also shares his thoughts regarding being laid off. You can check out his blog at Of course, it’s the final week of my employment at WQLN. Over the years WQLN has felt like a second home with great employees who were also friends. Some have come and gone but it’s amazing what I am remembering as Friday approaches. Losing my job on 9/11 will be a somber occasion but I will be able to put it in perspective. While I can and will find another job, so many others lost so much more eight years ago on 9/11/01. You can find another job but you cannot replace a life.