Dec 28 2015

Neverett leaving for Red Sox

WTAE reports today that handled Pirates Play-by-Play announcer Tim Neverett is leaving the post to take a job with the Boston Red Sox. The Pirates have already begun looking for a new announcer. Franchise games air locally on KDKA-FM (93.7) and occasionally on KDKA-AM (1020)


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  1. Dave

    If the Pirates were smart, they’d consider former KDKA sportscaster and Cleveland Indians broadcaster John Sanders. John knows the game, he has name recognition, and he has a solid reputation.

  2. Vic

    John is getting close to 70, hasn’t done baseball in about 10 years and isn’t in the best of health. Don’t think that’s a match.

  3. Dave

    There are scores of play-by-play announcers in a variety of sports who are in their 60’s and 70’s. Hell, Vin Scully is in his late 80’s. Don’t be so quick to send experienced and capable people out to pasture.

    1. Vic

      Most of those “older” announcers have been in the same place for a long time. They’ve aged in the job. Teams are not hiring people who are 70. Mike Lange was about 60 when he searched after Pens TV dropped him and there wasn’t anything for him. Teams would much rather hire a younger person who will be there a long time.

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