In this week’s NorthEast Radio Watch, Scott Fybush reports that Braddock-licensed WURP (1550) is now WLFP after requesting a call-letter change from Funny Cousin Charlie. The old calls stood for “Urban Radio Pittsburgh,” a holdover from 1550’s previous owner, Inner City Broadcasting. I’m going to assume that the new calls allude to “Lifestyle TalkRadio Network,” which is related to Business TalkRadio Network, WLFP’s new owner.

It’s apparently a prelude to an upcoming format change — according to the station’s website, Lifestyle TalkRadio programming will be coming to the station soon, so say goodbye to G. Gordon Liddy and Don & Mike. Will the new WLFP also carry Doug Stephan’s “Good Day America” (once heard on WPTT), and Bruce Williams (currently heard on KQV)? And what happens to the local weekend shows? Your guess is as good as ours.