Tony Renda’s Velocity Radio Management has opened a new relationship with a virtual radio production company to work with VRM clients to provide High-Quality and Cost-Effective Production Services. The company is vCreative out of Babson Park, Florida.

“When we analyze cluster performance of radio groups, we frequently see opportunities for improvements in the Production department,” said Renda, VRM CEO. “After vCreative begins handling production, 3 things happen overnight: quality improves, output increases, and the cluster reduces expenses. They are a welcome addition to our lineup of expert partners.”

Jinny Laderer, President of vCreative, Inc. said, “Radio groups have been forced to cut costs. This has greatly affected the quality of their in-hours production capabilities. vCreative provides a cost effective platform to increase local direct sales with cutting edge creative and production. We’re looking forward to working with Velocity Radio Management and their clients to bring our service to new clients.”