In my neck of the woods where I can pull in multiple markets, I was going to attempt to watch Super Bowl 42 in HD on Fox affiliate WFXP 66-1 from Erie. As you know, that station is currently on low power which could have been a problem regarding reception. The backup for me would have been from Youngstown with WYFX 27-2 SD on WKBN’s full powered digital signal. I was very surprised when I tuned into WKBN 27-1 & found the station listed as WKBN SD instead of HD. WYFX 27-2 was SD but WYFX 27-3 was in HD. New Vision temporarily put a second feed of WYFX in HD for the Super Bowl. The change occured on Saturday (2/2) and lasted until the program following the Super Bowl “House” was over. Definitely a very good move by New Vision & maybe one they could pull again at least for the Daytona 500, which also airs (2/17) on Fox.