Along those lines, we are aware of some outdated information on the pages…and I plan on making it a priority over the summer to update and repost that information. I would also like to thank those who have sent some follow-up and new information regarding their wherabouts for the “Where Are They Now?” page. I thank you for your patience in my getting that information posted.

Please be nice…

Might I kindly suggest that before you make a comment on any story that you please review our Comment Guidelines. Specifically, I point out items 2 & 3 from that list.

2. Personal Attacks — While criticism and comments about any topic are welcome, personal attacks on people are not. Depending on the nature of the message, it will either be edited or thrown out entirely.

3. Definition of a Personal Attack — Sometimes this isn’t easy to decide. Simple criticism of someones radio/TV show is NOT a personal attack. For example, “The John Shmo Show is awful because it lacks appeal” is NOT a personal attack. Professional criticism is certainly acceptable. To say someone is a jerk, an idiot, is having an affair, etc. is not fair to that person or anyone else. The message will be deleted.

The final part of the latter rule was overruled in several comments left recently as the substance was good, but one word/sentence ruined the whole thing. Whosoever moderated the comment merely edited the offending remarks. All we ask is that you please use good judgement when typing your comment. Likewise, if you see a message that somehow passed through the moderators please let us know about it!

In closing…

Thanks so much for your patience and for visiting Your readership means the world!

You’ve probably come to expect that Mr. Togyer has become the sole proprietor of After all, this Eric guy they claim the site was created by really hasn’t been showing his face that much. Well there are several reasons for that and while we really don’t like excuses, it’s kind of hard to maintain a website when:

  • You’re at your part-time job where there might be fancy knobs and controls connected to a 5.5 kw transmitter, but the computer technology pre-dates high-speed connections.
  • You have the high-speed connection at your headquarters but your computer can’t handle all of the spyware that comes through on that high-speed connection.
  • Portable technology merely consists of a cell phone which, although web-enabled,  is extremely hard to visit a website let alone maintain one.

So no, Jason hasn’t taken PBRTV over, rather he’s maintained it as any editor who has a constant connection should. For that I am grateful. That said, I realize we have neglected several areas of this site and I plan to work on that over the rest of the summer. We have some inkling that we should return to full status at the headquarters soon, but please bear with us.

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