In honor of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference playoffs tonight at the big igloo, Mr. MMNF thought he’d flash back to some previous installments that dealt with Pittsburgh Penguins nostalgia.

. . .

Hard times for hockey fans” (April 28, 2008) explored the lengths to which Pens fans in the 1960s and ’70s had to go to see or hear their team in action.

Then a distant third in sports affection to the Pirates and Steelers — maybe even further back if you count the college teams — Penguins games bounced from station to station during the early years.

. . .

Pens redux” (May 12, 2008) recalls the 1975 season, when the Pens made it to the quarterfinals despite being in bankruptcy, and then-Mayor Pete Flaherty drew a standing ovation when he showed up at the then-Civic Arena carrying a banner that said, “I believe!”

. . .

Finally, Mr. MMNF would be remiss if he didn’t plug a little remix he did last year at this time.

It’s the great Canadian folk singer Stompin’ Tom Connors, joined by the Voice of the Penguins radio broadcasts, Mike Lange.

“Enjoy,” if that’s the word, but please don’t use it for commercial purposes, and please credit Mr. MMNF:

“The Hockey Song”
by Stompin’ Tom Connors (with Mike Lange)

MP3, 2.8MB

P.S.: You can buy Stompin’ Tom’s CDs at the A-C-T Records website. You better do it, too, before Bud the Spud and Big Joe Mufferaw come after you.