We had shared the news that Citadel had agreed to buy the former Jazz FM (WMCE 88.5) translator at 104.9 (W285AI) from owner Bill Shannon for use with ESPN Radio affiliate WRIE 1260. It now appears that the 104.9 frequency is much more popular than we first thought according to our friends at NorthEast Radio Watch (www.fybush.com). It appears that Connoisseur Media is looking to get the 104.9 frequency as well in order to move WRKT “Rocket 101” from 100.9 to 104.9 on a stick much closer to Erie (which currently holds sister station WRTS 103.7 “Star 104” and WMCE) than the current set up for WRKT just across the state line in Ripley, NY. It would be a B1 class signal at 4,500 watts at 526′. Of course they need Canadian approval for this as well as protecting WCLV in Lorain, Ohio. This would also put 100.9 back in North East and have that frequency up in a future FM auction while the translator status would go away. I see a bunch of lawyers getting involved in the Citadel vs. Connoisseur battle. My guess is that Connoisseur wanted 92.7 for Rocket but lost out to Rick Rambaldo for that open frequency so they are going in this direction. Stay tuned!