Observer “Seeing Eye” alerted PBRTV today that WMNY (1150 New Kensington) is now airing Hindi music. This signifies that the new owner – Radio 1150 Limited Liability Company – has officially taken over the station.

Broadcast Communications, Inc. has submitted an application to move the KQV (1410) transmitter from its long-time Ross Township site to North Versailles where it will be diplexed at the WEDO tower. KQV will be able to maintain a 5000 watt daytime signal, but the new location will allow for it to be non-directional. The the nighttime power will be reduced to 75 watts. According to the engineering study, the station can remain licensed to Pittsburgh despite the low night signal. The daytime 5 mV contour will cover greater than 50% of the city limits with no nighttime coverage requirement to City of License.

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  1. Seems like a starter format of just music and IDs right now, \’WMNY … South Asian Music\’. Eclectic tunes too, modern pop, disco, techno, ballads, jazz to older sounds. I like that it\’s a music format, and something different than the usual talk and sports that the AM band usually has. It should get more people buying and listening to AM radios.

    The format is similar to what I can hear at night from other cities on the upper end of the AM radio. Welcome to the new station! Keep it local, and turn on stereo..

    I\’m surprised at the outcome with KQV, that they get to keep the 5000 watts and go non-directional with it, that\’s great! I heard such pessimism about the power level, that it would be something so low as to not be worth it. Nights aren\’t so good, but it\’s actually better than a lot of night authorizations.

    If they can hang in there, things could change over night. I don\’t know if it would apply to 1410, but one of the tenets of the AM Revitalization movement was to reduce night time interference protections, meaning some stations could increase their power at night. I hope Greentree gets 5 millivolts, that will be good for most of my radios.


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