WDVE (102.5) tops the charts yet again for November. In fact the station is nearly 4 points ahead of its sister, WKST (96.1) which holds second place. KDKA-AM (1020) comes in third tying with fellow yakker WPGB (104.7).

Notes of interest:

  • Country WDSY (107.9) which once enjoyed a stretch near the top of this list seems to float around 7th place.
  • KDKA-FM (93.7) continues to climb up in the charts and is now 12th (barring the aforementioned tie above) on the list.
  • For a station that seems to be heard in a lot of eateries and other establishments, WLTJ (92.9) remains at a low point on the list. (I guess nobody with a PPM device frequents the same places I do?

Complete numbers (including sets of call letters that don’t exist in this market anymore… hello ‘WGSM’, ‘WPTT’ and ‘WAMO-FM’) here.