[Mini-commentary from Jason Togyer]

At the end of his most recent Q&A on the Post-Gazette website, TV critic Rob Owen writes about the “Save Jericho” campaign that included several Pittsburghers, including PBRTV friend Clarke Ingram. Owen offers “a guide to how to make friends, influence TV critics (rather than pester and annoy them) and get what you ultimately want, attention for your show.”

One line in particular stands out:

There’s a lot on our plates, seemingly more shows every day. Throw in local TV, and the TV critic job is one that can take over a critic’s life.

Robbo, calm down. You’re the TV critic, for crying out loud. No offense, but try switching jobs with the night police reporter for a month. Or with the guy who wakes up at 2 a.m. to deliver the darn paper.

As a failed newspaper TV critic myself, I can speak with some authority when I say it’s not the hardest job a person can possibly have. You watch TV for a living. There are people who would give their pinky fingers to sit around, watch TV, complain … and collect a paycheck for doing it.

Owen’s other points have some validity, but I swear, whenever I hear a TV critic whine about “how hard my job is,” I can hear in the background a tiny violin playing “Hearts and Flowers.”

[The preceding was a PBRTV editorial. Responsible replies are welcome. Hat tip: Aaron Barnhart’s TVBarn.com.]