Before you take me to task on the production quality, I know there is a lot of work to do! The sound levels could have been better and a little more effort could have gone into the production efforts, but this is just the beginning and it can only get better from here! 

My guest is DCRTV Dave Hughes. We talked about the creation of our sites, Dave’s “Cord Cutting” with cable TV, and some happenings in and around DC. Enjoy! (Download enabled for a limited time only!)

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Warren Andrews, Voiceover
Music by Jason Shaw –

4 thoughts on “PBRTV Podcast #1

  1. Congratulations on getting your podcast off of the ground.

    Interesting to hear about radio around Washington DC, and how AM radio didn’t have the development there that it’s had in Pittsburgh. Most interesting was WTOP 1500. I’ve known about their sharp antenna pattern for a while and wondered why they’d chosen to reach the city that way, and apparently they were boxed in. I thought it might be something like 1080 here, wanting 50k power but having to pull in their pattern way in to do it.


  2. Eric – Good job on the the Podcast! DCRTV Dave is a good guy! I think the Podcast is a good way to connect radio people (and former radio people) with radio fans/listeners– and former listeners! I can imagine future Podcasts with Clarke Ingram, Chauncey Ross and, heck, yours truly as well! Lots of possibilities! Keep up the good work!

  3. An absolutely wonderful presentation! Eric, you were well prepared and it was GREAT hearing Dave who was ALSO well prepared. As an early reader of DCRTV and sometimes participant (via comments) during my many working years in DC, this Podcast brought back a lot of positive memories of the DC radio market of yesteryear and generally “not so positive” current happenings. Looking forward to listening to your future Podcasts. Again, a TERRIFIC job!

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