Name: William Eric Alexander

Do you have an “air name”? Bill Alexander

Age: 42

Birthplace/Current Location: Birthplace: Pittsburgh PA, Grew up in Mars, PA, Now live in Brownsville, PA

What Stations have you worked at? WVCS-FM (now WCAL) 1984-1988, Talent; WLSW-FM (on air name at that time – Dave Ericson) 1988-1990 Disc Jockey; WMBS-AM 1992-1995 Announcer/Talkshow host; WASP-AM/WASP-FM 1995-1997 Talkshow Host/Asst. Operations Manager/Sales; WMBS-AM 1997-1999 Talkshow host; WJPA-AM/FM 1999-2000 Parttime DJ; WMBS-AM 2000-2001 Talkshow Host and Program Director; WMBS-AM 2002-2003 Parttime DJ and Promotions and Website Design; WJPA-AM/FM 2003-2006 Fill-in Weekend DJ; OnLine with Bill Alexander: The Netio Show 2006 – Present.

Have you had any other jobs outside of the broadcasting industry? Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, Web-design.

Tell us about OnLine with Bill Alexander: The Netio Show.

NETIO [ne-tee-oh]: n, a word combining ‘internet and ‘radio’ into an online stream (or download) of digital audio entertainment.

OnLine with Bill Alexander was originally a night time talkshow that I used to host on WMBS Radio 2000-2001. When I was introduced to internet broadcasting/Podcasting in 2006, I took the original program’s format and converted it to an online program. OnLine with Bill Alexander is a “Traditional” Radio Talkshow on the Internet. This is a caller interactive talk program. We discuss News, Entertainment, Sports, Politics and whatever is going on in the world.

The term NETIO was coined in 2006 when I said on the program that I could not call this RADIO and needed a new term. A caller from Mississippi suggested NETIO (interNET + radIO). And from that point on it has been called “OnLine with Bill Alexander: The NETIO Show” or just “The NETIO Show”.

What inspired you to start it? I missed hosting a talk radio show.

How long ago did you start it? September 2006

When are you on the air? Live on Wednesday Nights at 10:06 pm at

Who are your mentors/inspirations?

Inspired by: Jack Bogut, Doug Hoerth, Lynn Cullen. Mentors: Kim Smith (WASP-AM), Jim Morgan (WMBS-AM), Ron Dawson (WMBS-AM) and James J. Humes (Humes Broadcasting Corporation WASP-AM)

Tell us about your family. Married to my wife for 12 years and we have 3 wonderful kids.

What’s one item we might find in your refrigerator on a regular basis? Milk (4 Gallons – Remember, I have 3 kids!)

Who would you like to see interviewed for Person Profile? Jack Bogut, Lynn Cullen or Jim Lokay.