Name: Chris Shovlin

Do you have an “air name”? In college, “The Doctor” (because my frat brothers said I knew how to operate!!!)….but none since.

Age: 55

Birthplace/Current Location:  WBZY-AM, WMBA-AM, WBVP-AM/WWKS-FM (On-Air and VP/GM), WYDD-FM (The Gunner Network Sports Talk Show with Bob Prince), WISH 99.7, WJAS, also WBGN-TV and Comcast.

Have you had any other jobs outside of the broadcasting industry? After getting booted at WBVP, I worked as the Western Development Director for Pennsylvania Special Olympics while working parttime at WISH and WJAS. My first real job, outside of the family grocery store, was a laborer in a steel mill (Crucible Steel in Midland) while I was in college. I worked there for three summers.

Who are your mentors/inspirations? On-air: Church Wilson (WBVP), Jack Fleming (Steelers Radio Net), Paul Shannon, Bill Cardille, and Bill Burns (from TV). I am currently inspired by Dr. Nick Trombetta, the founder of the PA Cyber School and the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School….a true visionary and leader.

Tell us about your family. I grew up in a great, happy, and loving family in Midland, PA where my Dad was Mayor and my Mom worked in my Grandfather’s corner grocery store. My grandfather was a great inspiration (work ethic). He worked until he was 99 and lived to 102. My Dad was just a dedicated community leader who did all he could for our hometown. My Mom stressed education.
I have a brother and two sisters (Tim is for years younger than me and lives in Akron with his wife and 3 kids – two daughters in college and a son in high school, Joyce who is a year younger than me lives in Erie with her husband and who has one son who is married and lives in Phoenix, and Sharon who is 15-years younger than me lives in Chicago with her husband).

What’s one item we might find in your refrigerator on a regular basis? Cold pizza.

You have so many responsibilities in the business. How do you keep them all straight and do you ever sleep? I like to think I play a real-life game of “Asteroids” (the old video game). I shoot the closest thing to me so it doesn’t get me first! I really have to watch the calendar and watch closely. Just this past week I did my radio show on WJAS from Pittsburgh and from Connecticut where I was broadcasting RMU Basketball, I was live at the Home & Garden Show twice, I covered a shift for Bogut, and I’m going out of town again for the NCAA Tournament….all that and meeting with our Sales staff and doing what in-office stuff I do.

Who would you like to see interviewed for Person Profile? Carol Finelli and/or Cris Winter.