Name: James Samuel Lokay

Do you have an “air name”? Sally Wiggin

Age: 28

Birthplace/Current Location (or perhaps we could call it “Lokaytion”…): East McKeesport, PA

What stations have you worked at? Metro Networks (news and traffic for the original B94, Star 100.7, Y108, 1360 WPTT, 1410 KQV) News 10 Now in Syracuse, NY.

Have you had any other jobs outside of the broadcasting industry? Oh, where to start? Bowling alley concourse worker, KFC cook, Trak Auto cashier, Circuit City salesman, Great American Federal teller, Pittsburgh Pirates sales associate.

Who are your mentors/inspirations? Mike Clark has been an incredible friend. I met him while in college, and we got back into regular touch when I was working in radio. Through the years, he critiqued my tapes and gave me job advice. Above all, though, he is a genuinely good man. Michelle Wright has also been a great help. And while I won’t tell him to his face, despite our constant sniping, Jon Burnett is one of my closest friends at KDKA. I love the guy like a brother, even though he’s old enough to be my father.

Tell us about your family. I’m a single guy, but my entire family is still in the Mon Valley. My parents currently own and manage Lokay Lanes in Monroeville (the bowling tradition continues!), My sister, Andrea, is the assistant manager of a pharmacy in Washington County.

Favorite Movie? I love “Anchorman,” but the favorite is probably “Waiting for Guffman.”

What’s one item we might find in your refrigerator on a regular basis? Salsa, and usually the giant Costco jugs that I never finish.

Who would you like to see interviewed for Person Profile? Jon Burnett, Paul Rasmussen, Carol Finelli