Name: Paul Rasmussen

Do you have an “air name”? Not now, but used a few early in my career. Paul Davis, Paul O’Connor and Paul Dean. It’s been Rasmussen since I landed in news back in 1995.

Age: 48. I guess that makes me old enough to know better.

Birthplace/Current Location: Great Falls, MT/Pittsburgh, PA

What stations have you worked at? In radio news at WWL New Orleans, LA; WOKV Jacksonville, FL; WQIK Jacksonville, FL and KDKA Pittsburgh, PA.

Have you had any other jobs outside of the broadcasting industry? I worked as a retail clerk in a couple of hobby stores, and had did some restaurant work before landing my first part-time radio gig when I was a junior in high school.

Who are your mentors/inspirations?¬†Mentor: Dave Stilli. Dave is a Pennsylvania native and grew up in Mt. Lebanon. He worked as a jock at WIXZ in McKeesport, PA, WIFI Philadelphia, PA, and WKDF Nashville, TN. Dave went on to sales and management and eventually a consultancy with Mike Corbett. I met Dave in 1984 and we’ve been friends since. He’s a terrific broadcaster and a great human being. Inspirations: Mike Phillips (PD KGW Portland, NBC FM O&O’s, KRTH Los Angeles) Mary Wallior (bookkeeper Ingstad Broadcasting, Grand Forks, ND) Mike Corbett (KMBZ Kansas City, MO sales consultant) Norman Feuer (market manager Clear Channel Jacksonville, FL)

Tell us about your family.¬†We’ve all cleared out of Montana. Mom’s living in the Pittsburgh area, Dad’s either in Yuma, AZ or Seattle, WA with my youngest sister depending on the golf season. I’m the oldest of four children. My other sisters live in Murfreesboro, TN, and Oxford, UK.

Favorite Movie? Once Upon a Time In America.

What’s one item we might find in your refrigerator on a regular basis? Blueberries.

Who would you like to see interviewed for Person Profile? Stephanie Watson, Dennis Bowman and Shelley Duffy.