Photo Gallery

PBRTV offers a photo gallery of pictures from readers and industry people alike. Pictures include publicity photos, pictures from remote broadcasts, and anything to do with radio and television throughout the areas PBRTV covers.

If you have a picture or pictures you’d like to offer up for consideration, there are several ways to send them to us.


  • Please send pictures in .jpg or .png formats.
  • Do not alter the photo scan in any manner, PBRTV will edit as necessary.

Snail Mail: Please e-mail us for a mailing address.

  • If pictures are scanned and mailed on a CD/DVD, the CD/DVD will NOT be returned. 
  • If actual snapshots are mailed for PBRTV to scan, please be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that they may be returned to you.
Photos submitted will all be considered and credit will be given to the contributor. If you think a photo has been submitted without proper permission, please let us know.

Ken Hawk Collection

Ken Hawk, currently with the Butler County Radio network, sent along pictures from his time with WEZE-FM (104.7) and WKPA-AM (1150). Most pictures are from the early 1990s. WEZE was on the air for nearly two years from January 1990 to November 1991. (Click on any picture for a larger view.)

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Mark Mervick Collection

Mark sends along some O’Brien and Garry history

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The Pittsburgh Bicentennial Ad Collection

The following pictures represent ads for stations which were published in The Pittsburgh Bicentennial Magazine “Gateway Festival Edition” published around 1958 when Pittsburgh celebrated 200 years. (The periodical also featured ads for the construction of the “new” Civic Arena and the beloved local deli, Isaly’s.) Click on any picture for a larger view.

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Tom Lacko Collection

Tom Lacko sends along these pics. Click picture for a larger view.

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Dave James Collection

Here are three photos from when Jack Bogut and I worked together at KDKA. (Click on the photos to see a larger image.)

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Ed Vance Collection


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Doug Goffus Collection

“Ah yes, the Point 100.7 (WZPT) back in the day. This CD was released in 1995 and sold exclusively by Pittsburgh’s National Record Mart, ‘The Hometown Favorite’. A couple of unique items about this ‘package’ produced by Rhino Special Products. Tracks 4 and 5 were reversed on the actual disc – it appears the decision …

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Bob Kristof Collection

“I started at WYDD in 1965, just out of high school and left at the end of 1969 to work at WPGH-TV. Those were wonderful years for me. It was a different world back then … priceless memories for me. WYDD went on the air in ’62 or ’63 at 100.7 New Kensington. In 1967 …

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Dick Morris Collection

Dick Morris says: “I was part time at 13Q and WSHH and mostly filled Friday nights midnight to 6 AM and Sunday mornings six to noon. I was 19 years old and like many had my eyes set on KDKA radio. At 21 I actually did receive an offer for part time on KDKA  – but decided …

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Ed Weigle Collection

Ed Weigle had two mentors growing up in the radio biz – Porky Chedwick and Hank Baughman. Here are some pictures of Hank at WPXI-TV which were taken around 1985 according to Ed.

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Other pictures

The pictures included in this album are one of a kind from various contributors. All effort has been made to acknowledge the contributor. Some of the pictures have been a part of the site long enough (and through several computers) that the contributor’s name may be lost. If you submitted a photo here, please let …

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