Photo Gallery

PBRTV offers a photo gallery of pictures from readers and industry people alike. Pictures include publicity photos, pictures from remote broadcasts, and anything to do with radio and television throughout the areas PBRTV covers.

If you have a picture or pictures you’d like to offer up for consideration, there are several ways to send them to us.


  • Please send pictures in .jpg or .png formats.
  • Do not alter the photo scan in any manner, PBRTV will edit as necessary.

Snail Mail: Please e-mail us for a mailing address.

  • If pictures are scanned and mailed on a CD/DVD, the CD/DVD will NOT be returned. 
  • If actual snapshots are mailed for PBRTV to scan, please be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that they may be returned to you.
Photos submitted will all be considered and credit will be given to the contributor. If you think a photo has been submitted without proper permission, please let us know.

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