Dave James Collection

Here are three photos from when Jack Bogut and I worked together at KDKA. (Click on the photos to see a larger image.)

“From the ‘Everything-But-Football Tailgate Party’ at Three Rivers Stadium in September of 1982 during the players strike. As I recall, the Steelers were to host the San Diego Chargers that day. Sara Lockard is standing with us outside the Rainbow Machine.”
From the late 1970s – The cow chip chucking contest with pro golfer Ben Crenshaw who almost drove a ball across the Allegheny River near The Point that day. (Ben said that when he was a boy in Texas, his family burned cow chips to heat their home.)
From the late-1970s – “This was a watermelon seed pitching contest. You may recognize Dave Durian and Liz Miles who were co-hosts of Evening Magazine back then. (Durian retired from WBAL Radio in Baltimore earlier this year.)”

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