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Doug Goffus Collection

“Ah yes, the Point 100.7 (WZPT) back in the day. This CD was released in 1995 and sold exclusively by Pittsburgh’s National Record Mart, ‘The Hometown Favorite’. A couple of unique items about this ‘package’ produced by Rhino Special Products. Tracks 4 and 5 were reversed on the actual disc – it appears the decision was made after all of the printing was completed for whatever reason. Secondly, notice the lack of a Universal Product Code (UPC). Note the space for the code is blank. If memory serves, I purchased this original package at the NRM store in Monroeville Mall. I do not believe there was a Volume 2.”


The Front


The Back


Open Package


The Internal liner notes.

WWKS (106.7 Beaver Falls) when it was “Kiss” in 1976. “Back ‘in its day’ the station was broadcasting a true quadraphonic 4 channel signal. And, at the time, they were playing true album oriented rock. I recently performed a Google search for “WWKS 106.7” and discovered a playlist chart from 1978. They played tons of ‘deep tracks’. The quadraphonic receivers were very heavy ‘monsters’ and no, I never owned one as ‘quad’ stations and ‘quad’ record albums were truly a fad and were not around very long.”

WWKSKISS 106 bumper sticker

Original bumper sticker from 1976.

WWKSKISS 106 original return envel

Self-addressed, stamped envelope from the same year for WWKS 106.7 Rock’n Gold Quad.