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Ken Hawk Collection

Ken Hawk, currently with the Butler County Radio network, sent along pictures from his time with WEZE-FM (104.7) and WKPA-AM (1150). Most pictures are from the early 1990s. WEZE was on the air for nearly two years from January 1990 to November 1991. (Click on any picture for a larger view.)

Logo for WEZE-FM (104.7). Circa 1990 Scanned from station letterhead.

Logo for New Kensington-licensed WKPA (1150). Scanned from a mailing label.

WEZE-FM Morning Drive/Station Manager Joe Fenn in the New Kensington studio.

WEZE-FM Midday/Music Director Erik Selby in the New Kensington studio.

WEZE-FM Afternoon Drive host Leah Klocko in the New Kensington studio.

Greeting at WEZE-FM’s new Green Tree Studios at 7 Parkway Center. Now home to WORD-FM 101.5 and WPIT-AM (730).

WEZE-FM’s Green Tree Lobby.

WEZE-FM airstaffer Harry Crytzer in the Green Tree studio.

WEZE-FM airstaffer Ken Hawk in the Green Tree studio.

WXRB-FM airstaffer Ken Hawk on the air in the Downtown studio at Gateway Towers. (Hawk also worked on WEZE-FM on the same frequency.)

A WMXP (100.7) bumper sticker.

The back of the same WMXP bumper sticker featuring sponsors… many of whom are no longer in existence.