KDKA-AM (1020) mid-day host Mike Pintek announced today that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May. The aggressive cancer has been rendered inoperable at this time, but the hopes are that chemo treatments will shrink the tumor enough to render it operable.

Pintek, ever-positive, reminded his listeners, “I am not the disease, I am a human living with the disease.” While he mentioned that he is losing his hair from the clinical trial chemo treatments, he made it known, “I AIN’T FREAKIN’ (although he didn’t mean “freakin'”) DEAD YET!”

Callers to the station offered Pintek encouragement in his fight.

1 thought on “Pintek announces cancer diagnosis

  1. What a shock to hear this, but there is always hope and my prayer go out to Mike, his friends and family and KDKA-AM. My uncle’s brother has (had?) pancreatic cancer too and an experimental chemo treatment from John Hopkins shrunk the tumor(s), killed the cancer and now it is said he is in remission and doing great. Keep that in mind, although we are not there all the way yet, there is much more hope now that it can be beaten and at the very least managed to where one can have a decent and longer life.

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