Pittsburgh Public Media (PPM) – a non-profit created by community members and WDUQ staff in 2010 – released a statement today regarding the sale of the station to WYEP and its partners. PPM had a plan to buy the station and maintain the mix of jazz and NPR programming the station is known for. Duquesne University announced the station’s sale to WYEP and Essential Public Media for $6 Million on Friday.

Today’s press release said, “Although our offer to purchase the station license from Duquesne
University was not accepted, we are proud of the fact that PPM operated
in a very open and transparent way.  The PPM website listed board
members and the public was invited to contact us via the site, and
other social media channels, to leave comments.  We were successful in
having a lively conversation with many in the community.”

PPM wished the new venture well while hoping that the local aspect of WDUQ is maintained and remains “open and transparent” with the community.