Pittsburgh Public Media, the newly-formed non-profit group attempting to purchase and maintain WDUQ-FM (90.5) and its format, is working to offer a second bid. The first, undisclosed bid was rejected by current owner Duquesne University. The new bid has not been released but is expected to be about 30% higher than the first by Pittsbugh Public Media according to an article in the Post-Gazette.

Meanwhile, according to a press release from the newly formed non-profit, a new website, which is intended to encourage online users to show their support for keeping the station on the air in Pittsburgh, has been formed. Users can connect via Facebook or Twitter among other opportunities  The advisory board of Pittsburgh Public Media includes current WDUQ management and some long-time friends and supporters who would like to see the station continue making positive contributions to the community with award-winning journalism and its committment to NPR.

“Many other NPR affiliates around the country have successfully been transferred from a University or other owner to an independent non-profit corporation,” said Joseph Kelly, chair of the Pittsburgh Public Media board of directors. “These provide good models for PPM. We feel confident that with public and listeners support, PPM can sustain the WDUQ format and even expand the portions of our services that are most treasured by the community.”

Should Pittsburgh Public Media’s bid for WDUQ be accepted by Duquesne University, major fundraising and financing can begin. PPM was incorporated as a Pennsylvania non-profit on January 14, 2010. Its mission is to convene the people and resources to support and sustain the gathering, creation and distribution of broadcast and other media that fairly informs civil society and enriches cultural life. It is pending 501(c)(3) non-profit status.