Edward J. Young – a behind-the-scenes TV pioneer in Pittsburgh – died Tuesday at the age of 90. After marrying and a career with the Defense Department, Mr. Young returned to Western Pennsylvania to take a job with DuMont Television Network  – WDTV-TV (3) – as director of the Wilkins Amateur Hour. Later he would go on to work at WIIC-TV (11) and KDKA-TV (2) before settling in at WTAE-TV (4) in 1960. Former co-worker, Fred Young (no relation) remembered him as a “very likable man”. The late Mr. Young was the director for “Paul Shannon’s Adventure Time” and “The Hank Stohl Show” before he worked with on-air folks like Paul Long and Joe DeNardo. In the 1970s, WTAE General Manager John G. Conomikes named Mr. Young the WTAE representative to the cable industry in Western Pennsylvania. After retiring in 1984, he spent 10 years as a consultant to keep up-to-date on the industry.

Ed Young is survived by two daughters, a sister and two grandchildren.