With recent news of LECOM applying to sign on with a new FM station, I decided to check out the FM Query on the FCC website. In addition to LECOM wanting a station at 89.3, there are a few other groups looking at that same frequency. They include one for North East from Alabaster, Inc. with a power output of 27,000 watts. (The same group also wants a translator for Meadville at 89.9) In Corry, Muncy Hills Broadcasting is looking at 89.3 as well as Inspiration Time, Inc. for Union City. ITI currently owns WCTL 106.3 and a string of translators in several areas. It would appear that 89.3 would offer separate non commercial broadcasting in contrast to 106.3. Up a click from 89.3 is 89.5, where there are 4 applications filed including one from Call Communications, who is looking into a 50,000 watt signal. It should be interesting to see how this shakes up. Lastly, there is an application for Edinboro at 90.1 from Vision IDX at 1,800 watts. Finally, a couple of call letter changes to share. The new Majic stations are now WXMJ 104.5 Cambridge Springs & WHMJ 99.3 Franliln.