I received a phone call from McKeesport Daily News writer Patrick Cloonan while at my place of work yesterday. “Eric, have you heard anything about the six Clear Channel stations going off the air last night (Monday) for about an hour?”

“No,” I replied.

“I was told by a reliable source that all six stations went off the air last night around 10:00 and came on one by one an hour or so later, what do you think could be the cause,” he asked. All of the stations had a carrier current so the transmitters were operating, but there was dead air.”

“Sounds like a power outage to me,” I said.

Turns out that “listner1” on the Pittsburgh Board at Radio-info.com heard it. He says, “Power failed at CC tonight. Gen/UPS apparently also failed. Luckily this was not during a Penguins game! Bad enough though I guess that it took the entire Pirates network silent. Do they not do a weekly check on the emergency power?”

It’s a good question to ask, “listner1” (if that is your ‘real name’). 🙂 The answer is, “who knows?” Perhaps the back up generator got a pink slip (or is that a red tag?) in the latest round of cuts? (Ba dum bum)

Clear Channel owns (and operates when there is electricity) WDVE-FM (102.5), WXDX-FM (105.9), WWSW-FM (94.5), WKST-FM (96.1), WPGB-FM (104.7) and WBGG (970).