KDKA-TV (2) reporter Marty Griffin announced today that he’s launched a “full-scale investigation” into KDKA (1020) radio talk show host Marty Griffin.

Separately, KDKA radio’s Griffin has declared “all out war” on what he calls “tastelessness” by KDKA-TV’s Griffin.

“We have a menace on the loose in our community, and it’s time for us to take action,” Griffin told his radio audience. “We need to tell the bureaucrats at the City-County Building that we’re not going to take this any more.”

The battle has provided gripping moments for viewers and listeners. On tonight’s KDKA-TV 5 p.m. news, footage showed Griffin and a camera crew confronting the radio host in a parking garage at Gateway Center, where Griffin refused to answer questions.

Longtime local observers say the ongoing tussle between Marty Griffin and Marty Griffin is more dramatic than a 2001 incident where Jim Parsons of WTAE-TV (4) accidentally clocked himself doing 75 mph in a 55 mph zone, or the 2004 case when Rick Earle of WPXI-TV (11) inadvertently had the station’s cafeteria closed after finding several health code violations.