Jim Quinn and Rose Tennant have reportedly turned down an offer to join WJAS-AM (1320) which recently switched from all music to conservative talk. Pittsburgh Radio Partners, LLC which recently bought the station, has been in negotiations with the duo for months. The Post-Gazette reports that Quinn and Rose declined the offer because it did not allow for a live stream of the program on the internet. The duo tweeted such on Thursday. Frank Iorio, owner of Pittsburgh Radio Partners, tells the paper that the statement about the live stream was untrue.

Quinn and Rose suddenly departed WPGB (104.7), and several other Clear Channel stations to whom their program was fed, last November after contract negotiations went downhill.

3 thoughts on “Quinn and Rose turn down WJAS offer

  1. Why is it taking WJAS so long to get a working website? They could have copied the old WPGB website from Clear Channel until they got one running.

    1. Let’s not go accusing one another of frugality. I believe the answer to why WJAS doesn’t have a working website at present is because they may not want to promote the current programming if it is not to be intended to be a permanent lineup. I have also heard that the “1320wjas.com” is still assigned to Renda Broadcasting and that may be part of the hold up. If Iorio wants to use that domain he will have to purchase it. Whether or not that was included in the deal I’m not 100% sure.

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