Quinn-Photo-v2-3Beginning Monday, May 4, “Quinn in the Morning” will air locally on WCNS (1480 Latrobe). The program focuses on politics and social and economic issues. LHTC Media, owner of WCNS, is excited to bring a new dimension of talk radio to the station’s programming and hopes it will bring a following. Quinn recently started a live podcast from his own studio available for a fee to listeners and station affiliates. WCNS is the first local station to pick up the program.

6 thoughts on “Quinn to air on WCNS beginning Monday

  1. Unfortunately, it appears that, coinciding with this change, the format has changed from a WJAS-style mix of Sinatra, 60s/70s, and current Diana Krall/Michael Buble, to a typical generic 60s/70s oldies station. Does anyone know why?

    1. My theory is the “powers to be” at WCNS thought the original, very listenable format of adult standards, nostalgia and oldies would not work with the addition of Quinn in the morning. I feel it WOULD have worked, but as you stated Kevin, WCNS now sounds like a typical oldies station. Hopefully management will re-consider their decision and bring back a truly wonderful station. There is still an “under served” audience for the original format of adult standards, nostalgia and “select” oldies, now missing in the Pittsburgh market and the surrounding area.

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