GoErie.com is reporting that First Channel Communications LLC as abandoned a proposal for putting a 328-foot tower in Zuck Park for its 6000 watt 92.7 FM. That means the company has also pushed back plans to put the station on the air until it gets approval for a new location. The new location being sought is on top of the 10 story South Shore Place apartment building northeast of Frontier Park where they would place a 78-foot tower. An amended application has been filed with the FCC.

First Channel owner, Richard Rambaldo tells the paper that the newly-proposed site would be just as effective as Zuck Park and that the tower atop the apartment building would look like a flag pole. “I’m being sensitive to the community. I’m not putting up and eyesore,” he said. The site would also eliminate the need for guy wires, tower lights or approval from the FAA. 

Rambaldo had hoped to be on the air by the end of 2011, but now, pending FCC approval, hopes to be on the air by Christmas 2012.