It seems that the March ratings are categorized by owner. The top 3 are the usual iHeart suspects of WDVE (102.5), WWSW (94.5) and WKST (96.1). Steel City Media’s WRRK (96.9) ties with the aforementioned WKST. Renda’s WSHH (99.7) follows as it levels out from its Holiday Book. Then come the CBS stations – all four – grouped together… KDKA-AM (1020), WBZZ (100.7), WDSY (107.9) and KDKA-FM (93.7). WDSY is also leveling off from its Holiday Book that wasn’t so good for it as it was for the iHeart competitor WPGB (104.7).

These are just general numbers and not broken down by demographic.