General Housekeeping Notes

I posted a Facebook/Twitter Exclusive (if you aren’t following us there, what’s wrong with you?) the other day asking people what they considered to be a surprise about the June, 2011 ratings. (Remember, we only have access to the 6+ general category ratings which really mean “nothing” as it’s an overall picture of the market’s activity.)

There were three comments of note:

“KDKA sinking THAT low!” -D.P.
“WAMO off to a good start. Curious to know if the #s listed include the translator or just the am?” -J.T.
“KDKA-AM tanking fast and WAMO-AM doing pretty OK in that first month. KD-AM is on par with Star 100.7. Wow.” -B.C.

I think most people – whether in or out of the business – are surprised by KDKA’s descent in the general ratings. But given the bouncing around of many of the high-riding (top-10 and those relatively close) stations with this PPM measurement method, I suspect that we’re going to continue to see a volatility that wasn’t there with the diaries. I also suspect that because these devices are meant to pick up a special signal, they hear whatever is on in the businessplace even if the device-wearer didn’t pick the station. How many business places have talk radio on? Again, I don’t have access to the target audience ratings, so for all we know KDKA could be doing rather well there. Just a thought here, it might be time to take a page from D.C.’s WTOP. 

The new WAMO-AM and it’s translator did have a good month, although I suspect that may be brought on by curious listeners giving the new-old friend a try. My guess is that the numbers are aided by the translator listenership, but I don’t think there is necessarily a way to see who listened to one over the other. With Pittsburgh being that oft-revered “unique market”, I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend continues. But I still wonder if it’s a disillusion to market the station with the translator’s signal when it covers less area than the AM parent – especially to people who don’t understand the concept.

For what it’s worth, the June ratings are here. And if you would prefer that I post a blurb each month, then please tell me.

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