The August 2010 Ratings are out and KD fans can relax as the station has pulled itself back up to third place. One notes that the gap between KDKA (1020) and WPGB (104.7) is again growing allowing one to ask if having a majority of local programming as opposed to syndicated is beneficial? WDVE (102.5) is still at number one but down .3/point. Ironically, up .3/point is WKVE (103.1) which has achieved its highest number since going on in early-May at .7. Coincidence?

If DVE continues to slide, sister WKST (96.1) could become the new number 1 as some speculated last month.

As a non-PPM carrying observer, one might think that WLTJ would garner better ratings as it seems to be on EVERYWHERE. However, the station holds its long-standing place just below the top 10.  Sister station WRRK seems to be picking up the slack though, perhaps allowing ‘LTJ to remain where it is. 

WPKV (99.3) seems to be gaining steadily as it touts the “K-Love” format. 

And even with a cume of 12,800, WMNY (1360) manages to pull a 0.0. 

Still listed are WAMO-FM,  WPTT-AM and WGSM-FM. Hmmm…