It’s time for the monthly PPM (Personal People Meter, not Peter, Paul and Mary) Ratings reports as put out by Arbitron.

Remember the saying about weather in Pittsburgh, “If you don’t like it now, just wait 10 minutes and it’ll change”? It almost seems that the statement could apply to the ratings now that the people meters are being used. WDVE-FM (102.5) holds top billing again this month but has jumped over a point to its current 10.1 share. Whatever happened to KDKA-AM (1020) in the July book certainly has “corrected” itself, but there is little change in the market share. The 90-year-old original station is in second place with a 7.4 share. 

Some significant dips in this session are talker WPGB-FM (104.7), country formatted WDSY-FM (107.9) and ac WSHH-FM (99.7). Significant rises are shown with Alternative WXDX-FM (105.9), Keymarket-owned, but K-Love formatted WPKL-FM (98.3) and sports talker KDKA-FM (93.7).

Here are the complete ratings via AllAccess for Market #25.