Most probably know by now that PBRTV doesn’t cover the ratings anymore because the management of this site feels strongly that all numbers should be published, not just that of subscribing stations. However, the January numbers are fairly newsworthy as KDKA-AM has jumped to the top for the first time since 2009. WWSW-FM takes second followed by WRRK. WDVE ranks fourth marking the first time it has fallen from the top 3 in many years.

One must reiterate that there are several station groups – Renda, Keymarket, Educational Media, Iorio and Broadcast Communications, Inc. to name a few – who do not subscribe to these readings anymore. Therefore the above results could be different.

(Tom Taylor NOW Newsletter)

2 thoughts on “Ratings

  1. Your reasoning is also why Radio-TV Notebook doesn’t focus on the ratings, which for my readers would not include just about any station in The Daily News coverage area — WEDO, WMNY, WKFB, WKHB, WKVE, WHJB, WLSW and WPKV do not subscribe. The exception is WRRK-96.9, Steel City Media in Braddock, and that station’s gain is notable as you pointed out.

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