During today’s “Newswatch at Noon” newscast, anchor Raychel Vendetti announced that she will no longer with WSEE. This is due to the several layoffs at WSEE as the station moves into the WICU building by June 1st. The consolidation of services means that some very talented people both on and off air will be at the unemployment line. It’s unfortunate that Raychel will be one of those in that very line. The on air chemistry between her and station Meterologist Ray Petelin during “Mornings Live” was not phony and attracted a lot of viewers back to WSEE after the station lost its luster a few years ago. Their Facebook page is solid proof of that. I can only compare the show to the “Captain Dan & Allan” show that was on the former “Froggy 94.7” until early 2007. Too many newscasts are serious in nature and should be when events warrant it to be serious. However, to see a unique newscast with some lighter moments thrown in made it easier for viewers to wake up and get on with their day. My best wishes go out to Raychel and others who were hit by the recent layoffs at WSEE.