The Classic Mailbag has been posted and all is well with the world again! Click here to go see it. As I copied and pasted (pretty much “as-is”) all of the postings, I scanned through some of them. I got to thinking that we have actually lost a lot of the people who had contributed to that portion of the site. I happened to spot one from “Brother Love” (AKA – Ken Reeth) sometime before his death. E-mails dwindled toward the end of 2006 and subsequently we ended the Mailbag shortly before going to a blog format. Kind of sad in a way, but perhaps readers’ priorities changed as time went on. They did on this end too. But the good news is, we do have a “Mailbag” category on our blog and we still welcome e-mails:

The station pages have been finished for less than a week. When I finished, I wondered how long it would take before I would have to make a change. Little did I know that two of our long-time area AM stations had been deleted and would be in the FCC Daily Digest. WASP-AM (1130) and WBGI-AM (1340; formerly WCVI) are now history. It’s interesting to point out that in the case of WBGI, this is the fourth area station on 1340 AM to go dark in recent times – first WSAJ in Grove City; WOYL in Oil City; WSTV in Steubenville and now WBGI in Connellsville. I won’t go into ownership coincidences… too detailed and confusing.

There are just a few more pages to go and we should be back up at “full power”. One of the pages is the “Where are they now?” page. It needs to be updated and I am reaching out to the readership of this site to give me a hand. The page is now posted “as-is” and if you have any updates, please let me know. (Try to cite your sources as well so I can confirm things if need be.) Meanwhile, as time allows, I will edit those listings which have obviously changed. Stay tuned and, as always, I ask your patience.

This will likely be the final Reconstruction Update in the process as much of what has to be done now is just some clean up work and just a couple more pages need to be added after some research. Look for the eventual return of the Call Sign Cavalcade and the Station Address page.

Stay tuned…