PBRTV will be 11 years old on the 21st of this month. Yes, it’s a pre-teen website pre-dating the “blog” concept taking this Internet thing by storm. This site has come a long way over the years which is something I never expected when I started it. Sure, it’s difficult to try and maintain a website when you have a life away from the computer, but I think overall, I’ve done pretty well. Again, thanks to Jason Togyer and Tom Lavery for their contributions.

Let me remind you to join me on Twitter. As if I’m not enough of a twit, I decided that I needed to join the crowd. The PBRTV Twitter page will occasionally bring you informational briefs about what’s being covered on PBRTV, what WILL be covered on PBRTV, and the thoughts of your’s truly. What’s more is you can interact with me — assuming I remember to check in! There are 80 followers and so far I’ve enjoyed the interaction.

I would also like to get this column back and running on a semi-regular basis. We’ll start with monthly for the time being and see where it goes from there. I would also like to get back to the “Person Profile” feature which I started earlier this year. Please email me with your suggestions – and more importantly CONTACT INFORMATION!


Information has been refreshed on the Pittsburgh Market FM Page as well as the FM schedule pages 1 & 2. By the time most of you have read this, the AM page and AM Schedule page should be updated too! With all of the recent changes – WAMO/Froggy/660/etc – it was time to clean some of the information up as best as possible. By the way, you’ll really want to check this FM Page because the one on the list of links on the right side is a “test pilot” which seems to be more outdated than the old outdated page. Stay tuned though more will be done as time allows.

G20 Redux 

KDKA Production Director Kelly Pidgeon, right, shows off one of the non-protesters in Downtown Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit. The man is sporting a sign saying, “I’m not a protester, just trying to get to work!” Now there’s something you didn’t see on the TV coverage! (Courtesy of KDKA Program Director Marshall Adams)