Former KQV news director, Frank Gottlieb passed away suddenly on Tuesday.  He was known for his work on the original WAMO (860 Homestead). Later he was a broadcast specialist with the U.S. Army; a news writer for KDKA-TV; news producer at WTAE-TV; and news producer at WLWC-TV (now WCMH) in Columbus, before rounding out his career at KQV.

Frank retired from his work in 2012 and has since enjoyed a life that a retiree can enjoy. For instance, just this past summer, his friends and family members enjoyed watching his six week long trip across the country and back. This morning his Facebook friends are posting memories of seeing him very recently during or after his journey – including reunions of WTAE employees and WCMH employees. On a personal note, Frank dropped by the Broadcast Communications Inc. stations to visit with this editor at the end of September.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Frank Gottlieb

  1. Frank was a good man, a true mensch. I worked with him at KQV and would see him at numerous events around the city. He always had his camera. He’ll be missed.

  2. I personally did not know Frank but based on the reaction of his passing it seems he will truly be missed and was very respected in the radio industry.

  3. Frank was also a family man, enjoying the company of numerous nieces and nephews. He never missed a family function. He loved documenting everything, from using 8mm in his youth to phone photography just days ago. My Uncle will surely be missed.

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