Pittsburgh-based Renda Broadcasting is showing up in the ratings for the first time in a little over four years. The company was embargoed as they did not subscribe to the ratings for the Pittsburgh market. WSHH (99.7) and Greensburg sister station WHJB (107.1) are both listed in the June book. WSHH came in 7th overall while WHJB came in 15th. The results of both stations can be seen back to the April Book.

The ratings still do not include the Froggy stations, KQV, former Renda-owned WJAS, and several regional facilities.

WWSW (94.5) holds first place. The Pittsburgh Pirates seem to be helping KDKA–FM (93.7) maintain third-place. Complete numbers can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Renda back on Nielsen reports

  1. The bigger question is, what the hell happened to KDKA?! Down from an 8.8 in January to a 4.6 in June. Are we seeing the demise of the AM dial or is KD just no longer a viable station?

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