Tony Renda, Jr’s new company, Velocity Radio Management announced today that it has partnered with Gary Hess and his Broadcast Tower Management. Velocity calls Hess, one of America’s premier minds when it comes to tower value maximization.

In a press release, Renda said, “When I started Velocity, I wanted Gary as a partner because he’s the best in the business. Having worked with Gary in Florida, I’ve seen -firsthand- his ability to create opportunity where other engineers could not. He’s more than a Master Chief Engineer, he creates opportunity: He maximizes a tower’s revenue potential, and our industry needs that now more than ever.”

Hess said, “It’s one thing to keep your station’s signal FCC compliant; Most tower companies can do that. It’s quite another to turn your tower into a revenue generator: This is what we do for radio stations. I’m excited to work with Velocity Radio Management and their clients.”

Broadcast Tower Management is an engineering company with a strong focus on revenue opportunity through Gary Hess, President and founder. Hess is also Director of Clear Channel Vertical Real Estate managing 1300 Clear Channel Radio tower sites. He also was a founder and Director of Engineering for American Tower Corporation, which recently merged with Spectrasite creating the largest rental site provide in the world with 27,000 sites.

Velocity Radio Management is an independent full-service Radio Management company providing Management and Consulting services to radio groups and equity partners. The Pittsburgh-based company’s mission is to “Protect and Grow the Value of Radio Stations”.