Pittsburgh-based Renda Broadcasting Corporation has sold two of its Jacksonville FM stations. AllAccess reports today that WSOS-FM (94.1 Fruit Cove) and WMUV-FM (100.7 Brunswick, GA) have been sold to Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting for $3.7 Million. This will leave WCNE (99.9) and and WEJZ (96.1) in Renda’s Jacksonville portfolio. Locally Renda sold WJAS (1320) earlier this year.

2 thoughts on “Renda sales continue. This time Jacksonville.

  1. I get the impression that Tony Renda wants to retire but has no one in his family interested in taking over, so he’s gradually selling off stations. And, he’s not spending money on any of the stations he’s keeping.

  2. Yes. Looks like his heirs would rather have cash from the sales than worry about running radio stations. Then again, Tony wasn’t ever famous for spending a lot of money.

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