Scott Tady of the Beaver County Times caught up with Jimmy Roach over the weekend to find out why he’s off the air. Roach did in fact resign from the Froggy stations where he has been since the very late 1990s and is expected to return to the air via another Pittsburgh station. Speculation is that Roach will head back to WDSY-FM (107.9) where he was before heading to Froggy, but he tells Tady that he is not permitted by contract to discuss his new position. 

Roach has been on the air in Pittsburgh for decades. He spent part of the 1980s at WDVE where he was paired with Steve Hansen in the mornings. The pair eventually found themselves at 96.9 during the “Magic 97” days before being let go in the early 1990s when Roach moved to the country format at WDSY.