Last evening, WQLN station president Dwight Miller received very good news for the PBS outlet. Rogers cable in London, Ontario has threatened to pull WQLN off its cable system and replace it with Detroit public station WTVS. The issue was the off air signal of WQLN that Rogers said was dropping out at times at their hub. However, Rogers has made a verbal commitment to keep the station on its service. WQLN has pledged to work on getting a reliable fiber connection to Rogers which will save the station from being pulled. Without Rogers cable coverage in Canada, WQLN would have lost an additional $200,000 annually from London & the region. With the lack of state funding, an additional revenue hit would have possibly meant closing the doors & selling the station. WQLN has also been letting viewers there know that the station could have been pulled and how to contact Rogers in order to keep the station on cable channel 8. (Note: Tom Lavery is currently an employee of WQLN Public Media.)